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Most of our patients start with us at a very young age and continue well into their teens. For this reason, we have a dedicated area for older patients that includes a larger dental chair, iPods, more mature movies, and many teen magazines that can be enjoyed while waiting for and receiving treatment.

As children mature, their susceptibility to adult type dental issues increases. And as children change, so do our treatment methods and patient education.

For example, older teens are more vulnerable to periodontal disease, so once they reach a certain age, we begin testing for the first signs of periodontal issues. We also explain the causes of the disease and ways to prevent it.

Additionally, as children grow, so does their desire for a beautiful smile. We offer state of the art cosmetic dentistry for anyone looking to make aesthetic changes to their smile.

Even though One Loose Tooth is a children and teen specific dental office, many of our patients never want to leave! We have a number of patients that continue to seek dental care here well into their college years, and even later until they have children of their own.

At One Loose Tooth, we understand that a child coming in for their first visit is remarkably different than he is at his last visit. For this very reason, we strive to adapt the way we diagnose, treat, and explain dental care as our patients mature.

Our aim is to leave a lasting impression on our patients, creating a positive outlook on impeccable oral hygiene and the entire dental experience.