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BPA Free Fillings

Placing a dental “filling” after a cavity is removed is one of the most common dental procedures. Due to the demand for better esthetics and safer material, silver fillings are not commonly used anymore. Silver fillings, also known as mercury fillings, contain ~50% mercury. Mercury is a neurotoxin that even in very small amounts can cause much damage.
For these reasons, white fillings have gained popularity in the last ten years. However, all white fillings are not created equal. Many of them contain harmful ingredients, including BPA, which is proven to negatively affect biological pathways in our bodies.

BPA (Bishphenol A) is a synthetic compound found in plastic containers for food and beverages, including plastic bottles. It is also found in food and beverages from leakage of the lining.
Exposure to BPA is a concern because it mimics our hormones and causes endocrine disruption. It is linked to issues with reproduction, heart disease, weight gain, brain development, and cancer. For these reasons we only offer BPA-free filling material.
Dental material companies may advertise BPA-free fillings, but some materials may still contain BPA derivatives, including bis-GMA or bis-DMA. The material we use, Voco Admira, does not have any traces of BPA or BPA derivatives. It is the most biocompatible and safest material on the market.

At One Loose Tooth, we only offer the best materials for your body. If you have any questions on materials or treatment methods, please call our office for more information.