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One Loose Tooth offers an array of different orthodontic techniques from traditional BRACES to INVISALIGN to functional appliances.

When we see children during crucial developmental stages, we are able to course correct along the way to possibly even prevent the need for braces, or set them up for faster and more reliable orthodontic treatment.

The best time to evaluate a child for orthodontic treatment is when the child starts to lose his or her baby teeth. If the child waits until all adult teeth erupt before starting some type of orthodontic treatment, it will typically last much longer.


The cause of crooked teeth and malformed jaws are due to the soft tissues surrounding them. The tongue, lips, and muscles cause the bones to grow and form into their position.

Incorrect resting tongue position, mouth breathing, and posture can all contribute to issues with jaw formation, resulting in more than just crooked teeth.

For instance, a high palate caused by improper tongue placement can lead to a narrowed airway, decreased oxygen intake, and sleep disorders. With specifically chosen appliances at an early age, we are able to reverse a child’s habit, thus changing the lower cranial and jaw structure, and avoiding any potential issues.

Why is it important to have straight teeth?

Beyond the obvious increase in aesthetics, straight teeth have a number of dental health advantages.

Straight teeth are linked to overall good health. One major health issue in the US today is inflammation. If left untreated, inflammation has been linked to systemic health risks such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and stroke. The main contributor to inflammation is in the MOUTH (!), caused by bacteria trapped in the teeth and under the gums. With straight teeth, the chances of inflammation decreases dramatically compared to severely misaligned teeth.

Straight teeth are easier to keep clean. Throughout the day, plaque builds up on your teeth. Straight teeth help eliminate angles and spaces between the teeth where debris is often caught and left to decay. Brushing and flossing even have their limitations when the teeth are crooked.

Straight teeth reduce Pain and Stress. Excessive wear and tear of your teeth because they are grinding against each other in an unnatural way can introduce multiple issues, from TMJ to sinus problems. When the teeth are not aligned properly they can cause overuse of the muscles of mastication and increase stress, anxiety, and pain.

Straight teeth last longer. One of the main reasons people lose their teeth is because they are not properly aligned. This causes unnatural wear over the course of decades, leading to fractures, periodontal disease, and complicated issues resulting in more dental treatment.